Video CCTV Surveillance Cameras in Singapore can cost from S$500 to S$1,500

CCTV installation packages for HDB flats can cost several hundreds dollars to nearly $1500.


What actually influence the cost of your CCTV installation package?

  1. Number of cameras and installation points

    The more cameras you need, the higher the cost will be. Each camera require their own installation point to cover the different areas of the premises. Installation may require some cable work, depending on the camera type, model and the layout of the existing power cables.
  2. Type of camera

    There are many different types of CCTV cameras available on the market, they have different capabilities varying by their costs. In general, the higher the resolution a camera is capable of capturing, the more expensive it will be. High resolution cameras produce clearer and more clear defined recordings, capturing the fine and important details. Some cameras also come with advanced capabilities, such as remote control, live viewing, night vision, motion detection, audio recording, as well as self-contained storage. With more features included, the more expensive the cameras will be generally. On the other end, dummy cameras are designed to look like the real thing, but are not capable of recording or surveillance. These are only capable of acting as a deterrent, which may not be adequate for security and protection purposes.
  3. Recording device

    To make full use out of its’ surveillance purposes, CCTVs have to be linked to a recording device; DVRs or NVRs. Equipped with external storage or hardisk, images captured by the cameras can be stored in the CCTV network for later review. It is also possible to make a copy or export of the footage for other uses such as evidences.Many systems on the market today are capable of storing days of captured data. However, stored footage takes up storage space, and higher resolution recordings will result in larger files and takes up even more space. As storage space are quickly occupied by the data, you want longer periods of surveillance footage to be stored. Therefore, you will have to pay more for a recorder with a higher storage capacity.Meanwhile, some CCTV cameras may feature internal storage via an external SD memory card slot, thus there’s no need for a recorder’s storage purpose. However, if the SD memory card becomes full, the camera will fail to record and store any further footage after.
  4. Other costs (warranties, transportation, etc.)

    Other costs that might apply in the purchase of your CCTV system may include transportation or delivery charges, special installation fees and more. Some vendors may also provide extended warranties for an extra charge.


Be sure to check for the extra costs when purchasing a CCTV package. If you’re interested in getting a new CCTV be sure to check out our new CCTV Packages today.