What Can a New Era CCTV Do? They are More Intelligent than You Might Think!


In the past, CCTV cameras in Singapore were simple devices that could only record footage of the local area in front of them. For years, the fundamental technology didn’t change much, except for modest tweaks every few years.


In the last several years, CCTV surveillance systems have advanced by leaps and bounds. They’re now more adaptable, simpler to use, and more effective at spying. Here are the most recent technical advancements in Singapore’s CCTV camera systems you should know.


#1 Smartphone Apps Facility

Through downloading applications, you may now get security footage directly to your smartphone. Getting a live video feed from your camera isn’t the only issue. You can use your smartphone to conduct tasks like zooming into a specific region of interest, no matter where you are.


#2 Voice Control/ Audio Integration

The functioning of the remote control is no longer amazing. Users may operate gadgets by speaking a word or a phrase out loud, which is now all the rage. With just your voice, you may zoom in or alter the angle of your camera. You can also warn the intruders by speaking to your device.


#3 Face Recognition Features

CCTV camera systems can now recognize the faces of individuals in each household. All you have to do is add each member of your family to the camera’s system. When a member of the family enters the house, the camera recognizes them and informs whomever is watching the system.


#4 Vision in the Dark

Although night vision has long been a part of camera systems, technical advancements have been achieved. Previously, cameras only operated when there was light, allowing attackers to get away with nighttime crimes. Night vision now allows the camera to view even when there is no light and to survive all types of weather. So, rain or shine, they will continue to record.


#5 Fields of view that span 360 degrees


Because cameras today have a range of up to 360 degrees, one camera is generally enough to monitor a large region. Despite the vast scanning range of these devices, video quality remains good.



Too many features to think about?

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