Thefts from stores are occurring all around the world. This necessitates increased store security. We can’t forecast when shoplifting will occur, and when it does, it’s a costly problem. The only method to ensure that a shop is theft-free is to engage expert retail security or install CCTV cameras in strategic locations.


Continue reading to learn about the most common ways to secure your retail shop.


#1 Teach your employees to be alert.

A Guest Talking to a Woman at the Reception Area

Make certain that all of your personnel are trained to remain aware at all times. Let’s imagine you have a consumer that wanders aimlessly through the aisles without purchasing anything. If they come across someone who appears to be suspicious, they should inform the rest of the team. They should also be taught to prioritise their own safety.


#2 At least two Shop In Charges are required.

Couple of confident colleagues in casual clothes and aprons spending time in street near cafe with portafilter near plants while looking at camera in daytime

Robbers find it easier to target a single individual who is responsible for opening and shutting the store. As a result, it’s critical to have at least two employees on the roster while opening or closing the store.


#3 Cash Registers should be hidden.

Gambler in Black Framed Eyeglasses

Keeping a cash register right in front of the front windows is one factor that attracts a thief to commit a robbery. As a result, always store your cash register in a secure location. While the cash register should always be near the cash register, it should not be visible from the windows.


#4 Install a front-counter surveillance camera.

Man Behind The Counter

Placing a security camera in front of the front desk makes it easier to recognise criminals. Furthermore, the existence of a front camera will almost certainly deter a potential criminal from committing such crimes. Find the best CCTV camera here


#5  Alarm System

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An alarm system is essential tool also.  With certain mobile apps, owners can be aware of events anywhere anytime as they will be notified. In this way, theft can be identified and theft can be avoided.



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