5 Ways to Improve Security of Your Premises


Security concerns are on the rise in Singapore, prompting many businesses to take the appropriate precautions to secure their buildings and assets from potential risks. Therefore, business organisations should have research data on any potential security risks that might harm their premises and put effort into securing their businesses. In this article, we will suggest different strategies to improve security of your premises.


#1 Hire a professional security guard.

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Hire a security guard firm; keep in mind that employing a gateman is not the same as having a security guard. The premises will be patrolled by a security officer to prevent and detect any signs of entry. They’re also useful for controlling who gets in and out of the building.


#2 Install a closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system.

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CCTV is well-known for its use in security systems and surveillance activities. They should be regarded as an integral element of the overall security system by the company. Because security personnel may not be available at all times, CCTV should be used to support their job.


#3 Implementing Consistent Security Measures

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Simple actions like locking doors, shutting windows, and making sure all entry points are secure once everyone has departed should not be overlooked. To secure all access points, you can use a combination of locks or install biometric alarm systems. You can refer to Door Access System for more information.


#4 Have an emergency plan in place.


Even when everything appears to be OK, we should be prepared for any emergency. When an emergency event strikes, everyone in the building should know what to do and where to gather for a headcount. An emergency response strategy helps individuals recover faster after an incident by limiting injuries. Besides, it is good to have some staffs trained for first-aid events.

#5 Motion Detectors Should Be Installed


Purchase a Singapore CCTV system bundle that includes an automated switch that automatically switches on floodlights when an intruder is spotted. In the event of an emergency, the motion detectors can be connected to a central control unit that will activate an alarm system. Some CCTV system have integral function by having remote access to the automated gate by controlling the opening and closing of door. Get advice from our professional staffs before installing system to find the best plan suits your desire.